NISA, The National Institute of Sustainable Advancement, is an academic Institute established in 2009, engaged in Open and Distance Learning Education. It is and excels open and distance learning including Fast Track Education for life experienced, mature and on-job professionals.

The National Institute of Sustainable Advancement and its subsidiaries, accredited/affiliated with various top ranked universities and profession bodies with various academic programmes, as details given below:

i.        National Institute of Sustainable Development –                                              Private    Virtual Campus of VU

-   The Virtual University of Pakistan is country’s first                                            University based completely on modern Information and                            Communication Technologies was established by the                                      Government as a public sector, not-for-profit                                                        institution.

-    National Institute of Sustainable Advancement (NISA) status                   of Private Virtual campus can be seen on Virtual University’s                     official website from the following web link <>

-   NISA is authorized to facilitate all programmes of Virtual                             University of Pakistan, from certificate to undergraduate                             and postgraduates.

-  Details of the programmes is available at  Virtual University’s                   official website from the following web link <>

ii.      Vocational Training Center

NISA Vocational Centre is affiliated with Skill Development                       Council (SDC) Pakistan, offering IT and Vocational training                         courses.

IT Courses

-  Office Automation Course                     – 3 months

-  Computer Networking Course            – 3 months

-  AutoCAD Course                                          – 3 months

 iii.    NISA Academy

NISA Academy provides and facilitates coaching and tuition for              better grades:

-  Primary to Higher Secondary (All subjects)

-  Undergraduates – BA, BSc and BS (Selected subjects)